Thursday, July 27, 2017

FLAC: Green Day live in Sydney 2000 - 1CD - October 19 - soundboard

Green Day
October 19, 2000
Live at the Wireless
Goat Island, Sydney

Lineage: FM>TV/FM Tuner Card>PixelFM>WAV>WAVELAB (normalize & cuts)>WAV>FLAC

01. Nice Guys Finish Last
02. Minority
03. Blood, Sex and Booze
04. Longview
05. Welcome to Paradise
06. Castaway
07. Warning
08. Brain Stew
09. Jaded
10. 2000 Light Years Away
11. Basket Case
12. Waiting
13. Time of your Life (Good Riddance)

another editing debacle from JJJ (sounds like they got their cat to edit this one)

my favourite bit is the 2 second gap between track 12 and 13. Yes, you guessed it,
its not a drop out, they just forgot to burn the last track as DAO, and got the 2 second pause. nice.

i left it in for your amusement. (end of track 12)

SQ is decent, although the noise floor is higher than i would have liked.

Download this bootleg here

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